Sunday, July 25, 2010

Simplicity 3692 Build by Wendy

Simplicity 3692

I finished the first of my ten Simplicity patterns!! Time to review it. :-)

Simplicity 3692
This is a build by Wendy top, designed for stretchy knits. I made view C without the lace and shortened it/omitted the elastic. The elastic waist gave it a "My top is always tucked into my pants" look, which isn't what I wanted. I read the reviews on pattern review, which said to size down. I cut a size 16 (which is sized down for me, as I usually cut a 18 or 20), and realized I needed it to be sized down even more, so I cut a 12. I like the fitted results rather than a loosey goosey top. I felt this fabric would look like a graduation gown/choir girl dress if it was super loose. The pattern was easy to work with, but I should have paid more attention to it while I sewed, as I kind of said to myself "This is EASY" and just did what looked right. I think if I read the directions better the facings would have turned out nicer. I think it looks just like the pattern envelope.

Simplicity 3692
Simplicity 3692

I used something called Traveler's Knit, a super polyester fabric I found at Hobby Lobby in the remnant section for $2.50. Actually, my friend and fellow seamstress Shawn found it and pointed it out to me.

I sew with all kinds of fabric, but when it comes to Houston summers, I'm all about loose, sweat wicking franken-fiber knits. If I could describe the type of fabric I sew with most often, I would say: cheap! I love a bargain.

Total cost:
Pattern: $1
Fabric: $2.50
Buttons: bought at garage sale in giant bag, pretty much free

What I learned:
1. How to use an over-edge stitch to finish off ugly raw edges. This is an alternative to serging, which is not an option for me as I don't have a serger. I love the way the inner raw edges turned out.

Simplicity 3692

2. Why you should use a ball point needle with knits. I "knew" you should, as a ball point needle is supposed to go between the loops of a knit fabric, instead of cutting through them, but I always thought a universal needle worked just fine... until I had to rip out some stitches. ACK! The reason you want to use a ball point needle is that it doesn't completely chew your fabric up, on the rare *wink wink* occasion that you actually do have to rip some stitches out. Lesson learned!

Simplicity 3692

3. Um... always use matching thread. Helps hide mistakes :-)

4. I need a more reliable place to take pictures! I would also like to make myself a duct tape dress form. I think if I have a more reliable set up for picture taking, the review part will go a lot easier.

Also... I need a new sewing machine, boooo :-(

Wear/sew again?:

Maybe. This is the kind of pattern that has a unique look that a lot of home-sewn clothing does, but that you don't really see a lot in the stores. Possibly because it's easier to sew but less flattering than most store bought tops. While it was fun and quick and used only a little fabric, in actuality knit tops are super cheap and most store bought ones are more flattering than this. I am trying to stretch my sewing skills to tops though, so maybe. :-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

10 Simplicity patterns

I want to inspire myself to finish all 10 patterns I bought at a Simplicity pattern sale yesterday. 10 buckeroos for all of these:
Simplicity patterns, $0.99 each, limit 10

We're going to see if I can make them all and how they look on a real person! With curves and stuff :-) Mostly Built by Wendy, Project Runway and Amazing Fit, with one easy peasy peasant top and one vintage inspired 1940's one thrown in there.

I will sew, price out, and review each pattern. Lets go!